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A very popular city of Asia, it is the capital and largest urban area of Thailand. Bangkok has everything to offer you, from high-rise buildings, heavy traffic congestion, intense heat and naughty nightlife to magnificent temples and palaces, authentic canals and excellent Thai food. In Thai language Bangkok is known as Krung Thep which means city if angles”.

Bang is the Central Thai name for a town situated on a riverbank. The name may have been derived from Bang Ko, ko meaning “island”, a reference to the area’s landscape which was carved by rivers and canals. Bangkok is a huge and modern city humming with nightlife and fervor. The city’s many cultural landmarks and attractions in addition to its nightlife venues have made it synonymous with exoticism. Bangkok itself has gained a reputation as an independent, dynamic and influential city.

Attractions of Bangkok

Bangkok is a very attractive place it has everything to offer from Buddhist temples to Christ churches from Ganesha Shrine to Guru Tawan Sikh Temple. But not only temples and shrines, the city has much more to offer in terms of sights and attractions.

Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall:This impressive two-story white marble palace sits at the end of Dusit’s long, wide Royal Plaza, a leafy ceremonial boulevard that’s often the focus of regal pomp and ceremony during royal celebrations. Inside is a stunningly beautiful central dome, under which the Royal Throne sits. It is a beautiful tourist spot & thousand of tourist visit here in an year.

Assumption Cathedral: Although there are lot of churches in Bangkok but this is the principal Roman Catholic cathedral and the main church of the Archdiocese of Bangkok, which dates back to 1662. An impressive tall structure, it has a striking, almost luminescent red brick facade that contrasts pleasingly with surrounding buildings.

Baiyoke Tower II: It is currently the tallest building including a hotel and a shopping complex in Bangkok. It is very nice to see the revolving roof deck and a perfect place get the bird’s eye view of Bangkok’s skyline. And if you like shopping, the six-level mall underneath the hotel is all about clothing.

Chao Phraya River: A cruise along the legendary Chao Phraya River, Bangkok, Thailand, and some canals on the Thon Buri side is the most pleasant way to explore the city once dubbed “Venice of the East” The majestic charm of the Chao Phraya adds perspective to your exploration of the city’s premier attractions.

The Grand Palace: If there is one must-see sight that no visit to Bangkok would be complete without, it’s the dazzling, spectacular Grand Palace, undoubtedly the city’s most famous landmark. Built in 1782 – and for 150 years the home of the Thai King, the Royal court and the administrative seat of government – the Grand Palace of Bangkok is a grand old dame indeed, that continues to have visitors in awe with its beautiful architecture and intricate detail, all of which is a proud salute to the creativity and craftsmanship of Thai people.

Thrills & Fun

Bicycle tours: Explore Bangkok by cycling, cycling on the main road can be dangerous so away from the main roads there is a vast system of small streets and alleys. Cyclists are treated as pedestrians, so you can use your bicycle to explore parks, temple complexes, markets and the more quiet residential areas of eastern Bangkok. Its fun and you’ll find many people doing so.

Thai boxing: Boxing is treated like both, a sport and a means of self-defence. The boxers are allowed to use every body while the fight. Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in Silom and Ratchadamnoen Stadium in Rattanakosin are two prime locations for watching and being a part of Thai boxing. The playing of traditional music during the bouts is enjoyable as well.

River Kwai Jungle Raft & Resotel: This two-day tour through Kanchanaburi province gives you the chance to enjoy its rugged scenery while gaining insight into the area’s tragic WWII history. Tour includes visiting the War Museum, Allied War Cemetery and famous Bridge over the River Kwai. On day two, visiting Hell Fire Pass Memorial and a ride on the Death Railway which cuts through picturesque countryside and cost thousands of POWs lives.

How to reach there?


Two major airports of Bangkok are Suvarnabhumi Airport and Don Muang Airport and both are 30 km from the city center but quite far for each other.

Suvarnabhumi Airport is used by all the airlines in Bangkok. It is Bangkok’s main airport and the busiest airport in Southeast Asia. There is only one terminal building, which covers both domestic and international flights.

Don Muang Airport was Bangkok’s main airport until Svarnabhumi airport started operating in 2006. The airport currently handles Nok Air and Orient Thai domestic flights, but the former international terminal is now limited to charters and general aviation.


Bangkok can be reached via sailing also. Large ships must dock at Laem Chabang Port, about 90 minutes southeast of Bangkok and about 30 minutes north of Pattaya. But a ship journey is slower then a flight and sailing doesn’t suites everyone. Not many people come to Bangkok by boat, but there are some cruise ships that attend the city.

How to roam around?

Skytrain:  The Skytrain covers most of downtown and is especially convenient for visiting Siam Square. There are two line available

*1 Light Green-Sukhumvit Line

*2 Dark Green-Silom Line

You must have 5 or 10 baht coins to purchase Skytrain tickets from vending machines, so hold on to them. At most stations there is a single touchscreen machine that will accept 20, 50 and 100 baht notes, but there is often a queue to use it.

Metro: Metros at Bangkok started in 2004, for now only one line (the blue line) is available is available that connects the central Hualamphong Train Station to the northern Bang Sue Train Station, running through Silom, Sukhumvit, Ratchadaphisek and area around Chatuchak Weekend Market in Phahonyothin.

Taxis: There are three kinds of taxis available at Bangkok to roam around and explore the city.

River taxi: hese are basically boats hired on a rent for a place-to-place journey, just like regular taxis on roads. River taxi is usually hired for trips outside set routes and bit expensive.

Metered Taxis: These taxis are comfortable and fast, and have meters to count the fair of your journey. But its optional that whether you want to pay according to the meter or a fixed fair. In some cases, late at night and especially near major tourist districts like Khao San or Patpong, you will need to walk a block away to catch a honest driver. The effort can save you as much as 150 baht.                                                                                                               

Motorbike Taxis: These taxis are the fastest way to get your destination. If you are thinking that those guys in the pink smocks are goons or a bike gang you are funnily wrong. Those are motosai cabbies. Motorbike taxis are a saviour when the traffic is killing or you are getting late to reach your destination. People from those places where motorbike taxis are not available try this for an experience because it is also fun. Prices are not fixed and you can negotiate with the driver about the rent before you ride.

Tuk-tuk: These noisy vehicles have become a kind of identity of Bangkok’s traffic. Tuk-tuks are unbearable they smell, their sound is very annoying and they leave a black smoke behind them. If you still want to try the tuk-tuk, always hail a moving tuk-tuk from the main road. At tourist spots, these tuk-tuk drivers lie in waiting to disrupt your travels plans. Always agree on a price before entering the tuk-tuk. Also be crystal clear about your intended destination. If they claim that your intended destination is closed for the day, and offer to take you to other nearby tourist spots, insist on your destination or get out.

Legal cautions

Do not get into fights with locals. Thais are peace loving people, but when a Thai fights a foreigner, it is never a fair fight. You’ll wind up having to fight 10-20 others who were not initially involved, or the police will be called and not do anything to assist you (especially the Metropolitan Police, as they normally have very limited English skills; always contact the Tourist Police when in trouble).

You should not become involved with drugs of any kind. Penalties for the possession, distribution and consumption of drugs in Thailand are severe and include life imprisonment and the death penalty. The possession of even very small quantities often leads to imprisonment. A number of tourists have suffered psychiatric problems as a result drug use in Thailand. The Thai authorities have increased their surveillance of those involved in illicit drugs activity. Undercover police carry out spot checks in and around bars, restaurants and discos in tourist areas. These checks may include searches of bags, purses, and pockets.

Overstaying is the act of staying in Thailand beyond the date stamped in the passport by Thai immigration. Please check the period of stay authorized by the Thai authorities when you arrive. Overstaying is breaking the law. If you ‘surrender’ yourself to immigration at the airport or at any other immigration bureau following a short overstay, you will need to pay a fine of 500 baht (approx. €11) for each excess day. However, you should be aware that for longer periods of overstay it entirely at the discretion of the Thai immigration whether you pay an overstay fine or are deported. The authorities may also be less flexible where a visitor is stopped by the police and found to have overstayed. Such situations can lead to detention in an Immigration Detention Center while the case is being processed.

Please note that there are strict limits on the amount of alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, cigars and smoking tobacco which you may bring into Thailand. Duty free personal exemption has been set at 200 cigarettes or 250 grams of cigars or smoking tobacco and 1 liter of liquor (spirits). A number of tourists have been detained and fined for attempting to bring cigarettes into Thailand in excess of the official limit.


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