Authentic Assamese food you must try!

If you love food and are planning to travel to Assam then, take out your notebook and get ready to fill up your food list. This state has a cuisine with different flavors that has a Bengali influence and consists of amazing taste. Assamese cuisine is a combination of different indigenous styles with considerable regional variations and some external influences. The herbs used in cooking makes the Assam food very tasty. So, if you are traveling to Assam do try all the authentic Assamese food items. To help you out, here is the list of food that you must try:

  1. Khaar

    Source: Bordoisila

It is a non-vegetarian dish and is the main food of Assam. Khaar is a meat dish made with its main ingredient Khaar and also has pulses, raw papaya, and taro. All of these is filtered through dried banana leave and gives a refreshing flavor. This is a curry delicacy and is served with rice. It is eaten with rice during lunch.

  1. Ou Khatta

    Source: Holidify

This is a delicious sweet and sour chutney made of Ou (elephant apple) and jaggery. In the making process, the elephant apple is boiled and mashed. Then it is sautéed with mustard seeds and jaggery is added. It is an addition to your meal.

  1. Paro Manxho 

    Source: Holidify1

This dish is one of the popular foods of Assam and is essentially pigeon meat. It tastes best when eaten with Koldil (banana flower) which is a side dish of Assam. Paro Manxho is a delicious Assamese dish which has a texture of banana flower with pigeon meat.

  1. Duck meat curry

    Source: Sini’s Menu

Another special dish from Assam is duck meat and the dish is made on special occasions only. This delicacy when cooked properly with whole spices gives a unique and super tasty flavor. Generally, it is cooked with Ash Gourd but someone can cook it with sesame, lentil, and pumpkin.

  1. Silkworm

    Source: hewikipedia

This is true, the Assamese people like to eat silkworm and they found it tasty! According to the people, it is one of the most delicious dishes of Assam food. The silkworms are stir-fried with various spices and taste crunchy on the outside and liquid on the inside.

  1. Pitha

    Source: cityummies

Pitha is the famous sweet dish of Assam and can be sweet, savory and fried both. It is a bit tricky to make but can be home cooked. They are usually eaten at breakfast or with evening tea.