A holiday with friends: Here is how to budget

There is a big difference when you travel with family and when you go with friends. Going on a trip with a group of buddies needs you to take care of your expenses yourself; you cannot be dependent on anyone. Such trips can create a lot of hassle for you if not planned properly so here are tips to deal with money when you go with your friends on a trip:

1. Don’t forget to split

This is one of the most important things that you should keep in mind when you go on a trip with your friends. No matter what, do not forget to divide the money equally whenever you have to pay any bill. For example, if you are going to a restaurant or any café do not get dependent on one person split the money to avoid further confusions and stay clear.

2. Learn to adjust

Tips to deal with money when you go with your friends on a trip
When you go in a group you have to adjust accordingly, you cannot impose your choice on everyone. So, at times to manage your expense you have to agree with everyone. Don’t go on a different track because then you will have to face all the expenses alone. If everyone wants to go to a 3-star hotel then you cannot alone go for a 5 star.

3. Make a Cashier

It is not very easy to manage money in a large group so; you must give responsibility to one person who can handle things for everyone. Make one person the designated cashier whom you can give money in advance so that whenever you go anywhere you don’t need to split on the spot he can give money for all of you without wasting time.

4. Book everything in advance

Tips to deal with money when you go with your friends on a trip
Try to book everything in advance so that you don’t face any confusion later on. At times everyone does not want to do the same thing or go to the same place so book all the activities accordingly. You can get heavy discounts when you book activities in a large group and can avail packages at a very lesser price with a lot of options.

5. Budget

The economy plays a major role in going out on any vacation so first plan out things according to the budget you all have. Sit and discuss who has how much budget and then come to an estimate so that you finalize everything that is worth it. Do not just go without keeping in mind everyone’s financial plan because it makes things very disturbed and spoils the whole trip.

6. What all to pay individually

When we go in a group it is not necessary that everyone is non-vegetarian or everyone consume liquor. So, in such cases decide in advance who will pay for what separately, divide the money between people who are together doing the same things and exclude the ones who do not. Paying for things that you do not do is not fair.
So, follow these 6 tips if you want to avoid confusions related to money while traveling with friends.