A guide to Dibru Saikhowa National Park, Assam

Dibru Saikkhowa, world’s 19th most bio-diversified national park is located 12 kms north of Tinsukia in Assam. The national park witnesses a tropical monsoon with both, hot and wet summer, paired with not a very dry winter. Most of the rain in the region occurs in between the months of June and September. The park is surrounded by the Brahmaputra and Lohit River up north and Dibru River down south. It is covered with tropical moist forests, wet evergreen forests and grasslands.

 Dibru Saikhowa River

Its most famous attractions include species such as the white-winged wood ducks, Feral horses, swamp partridge, black-breasted parrot bill, yellow weaver, and many more. The park also has a rich diversity of fishes, as it is auto stocked by the Brahmaputra and Dibru River. 12 amongst the listed 36 species of mammals, are conserved under schedule 1 of the Wild Life Protection Act 1972. These include the famous royal Bengal tiger, clouded leopard, sloth bear, etc.

 Dibru Saikhowa

The government does not offer any jungle safari around the park. Tourists who wish to explore the park, can go walking or take the boat services which have been made available. The boat ride can cost up to Rs.500 for an hour. The two entry points through which people can get in are the Guijan Ghat and the Saikhowa Ghat. The two gates are 10 kms and 50 kms away from Tinsukai respectively. Tourists usually take taxis and buses to these two entry points.

Finding accommodation just outside the national park can be a fun experience and may lead you to new and exciting adventures. Though waking up in the middle of water, on a house boat, is a different feeling all together. These boats also offer other services such as bonfire, night fishing, sports and many more. For a raw experience, tourists can also stay in the eco-tourism cottages. There are also houses of the forest department official available on rent, only if you book the place beforehand.  As Tinsukia is never every crowded, hence, one can always get a room without any trouble in the town just in case you can’t find one in the national park.

 Dibru Saikhowa Park

The National Park is open to the public in between the months of November to April. Written permission from the authorities of the park is compulsory, without which no person can enter the premises. People are only allowed to enter the park after sunrise, and have to exit before sunset.

If you are only going there for a day, then we have the perfect itinerary prepared for you:

Staying at the Guijan Forest I.B will be favorable as it is closer to the national park. You can start your day early and begin with the boat ride which can take you around the park and show you the different species of animals who call this park their home. You can also see a variety of birds which migrate from all around the world. After that the perfect stop will be the Dolphin spot. After this, you can explore the Churkey Sapori, also known as the river island, where you can see the beautiful Feral Horses. If you enjoy walking, then you can also trek through the park.

Dibru Saikhowa

Dibru Saikhowa is the perfect adventurous getaway, on which you can bring people who share the same interest in outdoor activities as you. You can enjoy the natural beauty as well as the diversity of animals and birds found there. You will need nothing more to relax