A Dream Solo Trip – My Experience

Virendra Kadam, one of our team members recently completed the dream of traveling alone with his girlfriend (his bike). He told us that he always wanted to travel alone on his bike and he did it while traveling to Delhi from Mumbai. In our last two articles, we have shared some tips that he shared with us. Now we will share the experiences that he had while he was on his solo travel.

Here is his dream experience

The trip started on Friday morning and I had to take halts because of the rainy season, the weather is unpredictable, you must cover yourself and your bike for safety purposes. On the very first day, I stayed in Gujarat. I loved the Gujarati thali that I ate at a local Dhaba. Having proper meals is important during the trip to keep your energy boosted. You must take good sleep as you have to drive again with full zeal from next morning.

Solo Trip

I met a bunch of different people while traveling; I met a biker’s gang and enjoyed talking to them, hearing their experiences was good and racing with them was cool enough. Also, I stayed at a local’s house in Rajasthan, when I was having dinner. The family was very helpful; they provided me with food and gave me space for rest. I enjoyed playing with their kids. Not all the strangers are bad, I am thankful to them.

Solo Trip

You must take rest at night, night bike rides can be dangerous because you will be alone and there won’t be anyone to help you, so try to cover your target in the day itself and take rest at night. Also on the second day of my traveling, I met some truck drivers I was eager to know about their lifestyle, so they shared it with me. I feel lucky to work near to my house; they stay away from their families half of the year. After all, everyone has their own lives. I wish them luck!

Solo Trip

As I told earlier learning the basic mechanism of your bike is important, I said it because one day my bike stopped because of the rains and its engine got wet and hence it started giving jerks and stop until all the water was drained out. Thankfully I knew how to fix it; I drained out the water and started my journey again.

As I am saying again and again for proper rest, it is necessary because on the way when I reached Jaipur my hands gave up. My hands were shivering because of driving too much. Take small breaks to give your legs and hands a rest. Finally, after 3 days of riding, I reached Delhi.

Solo Trip

The whole experience was happy, tiring, peaceful, adventurous and awesome. I spent a lot of time with myself, I met new people, and I learned new things and had experienced the beauty of nature. Everyone should go on a solo trip once in a lifetime. It is relaxing.

Travel planet is thankful to Virendra for sharing his experience with us.