90 years later iconic “Lakshman Jhula” deemed unsafe!

Traveling to Rishikesh will not be the same now, as the iconic Lakshman Jhula will be off your travel list. The administration has stopped public movement on 90-year old suspension bride after an expert panel suggested that it is in decrepit condition.

An expert panel of the Public Works Department (PWD) lately studied the carrying capacity of the bridge and suggested that it be closed down as it poses a potential threat and is beyond repair. They also said that the bridge is not in a position to sustain any more load.

Uttarakhand Additional Chief Secretary Om Prakash said: “We observed that several components of the bridge are in very bad condition. This bridge should not be permitted for pedestrian movement from now onwards. It is not in a position to sustain any more with the present condition,” 

He further added: There has been an exceptional rise in traffic and pedestrian movement along the bridge in recent times and the bridge towers appear to be leaning towards one side.

It is sad that one of the main attractions for tourists and devotees coming to Rishikesh has now been shut down. The reason might be that the pedestrian bridge also used by two-wheelers, which might have increased the load on it. 

The bridge was named after Hindu mythological character Lakshman as it is located where he is said to have crossed the river with the help of jute ropes.

It was constructed during British Raj in 1929 over river Ganga. It connects Tapovan village in Tehri district on the western bank of the river with Jonk in Pauri district.