9 Things you Must Do In Mexico

Mexico is a big beautiful and loud country! It is the land of tequila, tacos and a lot more. There are many things every traveler must do there. So if you are planning a trip to Mexico, this list is your holy grail of all Mexican things to be done!

1. Ride the Double Decker Turibus in mexico

 9 Best Things to do In Mexico
Source- CIES 2018 – Tours

Take the hop-on, hop-off Turibus, it will provide you with a great overview of the area, the history, and the fascinating sites for you to travel around later, and is one of the best forms of seeing the sights in Mexico City.

2. Visit the Frida Kahlo Museum

 9 Best Things to do In Mexico
Source- Estigo Tours

The Frida Kahlo Museum is also known as the Blue House of Frida, it is a former house where she was born, grew up, and ultimately died. She also shared the home with her husband Diego Rivera, another famous and influential Mexican artist. The museum has a wide collection of Frida and Diego’s artwork and offers insight into the life and times as well.

3. Museo Soumaya

 9 Best Things to do In Mexico
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This museum houses more than 60,000 works and is Mexico City’s most visited museum.This museum has a wide and incredible selection of art. The best part is the museum is free all the time. In this museum, you will find the works of masters like Rodin, Dali, and many other worldwide famous artists.

4. Eat Churros in El Moro

 9 Best Things to do In Mexico
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If you visit Mexico, you must have Churros, they are fried pieces of bread covered in sugar and cinnamon, and they are an absolutely delicious treat.  El Moro is a classic churro destination in the heart of the city, where they’ve been making churros for more than 80 years.

5. Chapultepec Park

 9 Best Things to do In Mexico
Source- Expedia

If you want to visit a peaceful and relaxed place then, a trip to the expansive and lush Chapultepec Park will be a great option for you. The park is one of the largest parks in the western hemisphere at more than 1,600 acres. The huge park is full of lakes, trees, and greenery, and has been considered as the lungs of Mexico City, as the trees refill oxygen to the valley.

6. Top of Torre Latinoamericana

 9 Best Things to do In Mexico
Source- lajornadadeoriente.com.mx

The Torre Latinoamericana is one of the most significant and distinguishable landmarks in Mexico City. Visitors can go to the top of the almost 600-foot tower and get an exceptional view of the extensive city, as well as the subsequent jam that Mexico City is famous for. The best time to visit this place is before sunset so you can see the beautiful view of the city during daylight, see the view of the beautiful sunset, and then take the view of lights of the city at night.

7. Eat Street

 9 Best Things to do In Mexico
Source- Wikipedia

Mexico City is the best place for all the street food lovers. There is an implausible variety of lovely foods all over town. There are too many options but you can’t go wrong with tacos al Pastor, gringas, chicharron de queso, or pretty much anything.

8. La Opera

 9 Best Things to do In Mexico
Source- Periódico NMX

The decor of this storied bar reveals its history all deep, dark, refined wood with smooth floors, filigreed ceilings, and frosty glass. It gives a feel of the 1870s. Both visitors and after-work clients come here for traditional tequila service a shot with a side of sangrita. Drink a little tequila, some sangrita, suck on a lime slice, and enjoy.

9. La Quebrada Cliff Diving

 9 Best Things to do In Mexico
Source- expedia.mx

The La Quebrada Cliff Divers are one of the major Acapulco attractions and have become a must-see for tourists. They are not stupid daredevils from the neighborhood, they are a group of specialized diver artists striking the crowds with amazing dives off the sharp cliffs. They are well-trained performers with year-long practice and technique to take those death challenging dives. Don’t miss this place, dives into sun sparkling water or night jump all are equally outstanding.