5 Weirdest Countries in the World

There is always a house for craziness in this planets, but today we would like to introduce you with some of the craziest nations and micro-nations who have crossed all the limits and touched all the possible (may be) heights of craziness. They re-defined the idea of living like a boss, yes a real boss. Here we go for some outstanding facts about some of the Planet’s lesser known countries.

Niue Uses Pokémon Money

Niue is the tiny Polynesian island situated in South Pacific Ocean, traditionally known as ‘Rock of Polynesia’. The world’s smallest independent nation is near New Zealand, which has more than 1500 extremely friendly natives who kept the natural things the way they were used to be. Interestingly, Niue has currency printed with Pokémon, Disney, and Star Wars characters. At the same time, the New Zealand Dollar is also a legal currency on the island. You can pay for anything with their awesome coins. Pack your bags for Niue now as it is also the world’s first and only “Wi-Fi nation.” Yes, the entire island has Wi-Fi and it’s free for one and all.

North Korea: The Nation with Weirdest History

Formed after World War II, North Korea came into existence when Korea was divided’ an arduous war between North and South Korea claimed near about four million lives. After that, North Korea became possibly the world’s most horrible human rights offender, providing not a single right to religious conviction, free movement to its citizens to the world or freedom of press. Well it not the year 2015, it’s the year 104 running in NK which is counted after the birth of KIM-II Sung. It is the world’s only country who have captured a US Navy Ship. Here, in NK, only government officials are allowed to own a car. If, by mistake, you are caught watching porn or reading bible, you shall be given death penalty. The limit is, there are 28 government approved haircuts, from which you have to choose yours. NK holds elections every five years, but wait, what is this? There is only one candidate standing for the same. The country has just 3 T.V. channels and no internet to use. If you are a visitor there, your cell phone shall be confiscated in airport and will be returned on your departure from the country.

Bhutan: Where There Is an Only GNH Index

This Buddhist nation which borders India and China in the lap of Himalayas, Bhutan is the only country to measure Gross National Happiness based on four foundations, namely, Cultural values, sustainable growth, good governance and natural environment. It is the country with a ban on traffic lights. Despite being a poor nation, Bhutan provides free education and health care services to both residents and visitors. All citizens legitimately become a year older on New Year’s Day. So here no one forgets anyone’s birthday. But’ it costs $250 per day to have a stay in Bhutan which is a bit expensive to the visitors.

Other World Kingdom: the Women’s World

OWK is one of the most unusual countries in the Czech Republic. Founded on June 1, 1996, women rule over men in this micro nation. With absolute female dominance, Other World Kingdom is ruled by Her Majesty Queen Patricia 1, below who, in the chain of command, are Ladies who are qualified to be residents, men here are recognized as just another subjects or slaves. Each woman has a man as her slave. Below these women, in the hierarchy are men who go after the Queen’s law and pay taxes, nonetheless enjoying a bit of liberty. The lowest in the ladder are those enslaved men who are regarded as farm animal and possess no legal rights. Despite the fact that some consider OWK only as a resort and not a nation, it has its own currency, police force, passport, flag, and yes . . . national anthem too.

Kiribati: The world’s only country to fall within all four hemispheres.

Yes, you read that right, it is because the state of Kiribati consists of numerous little islands spread all through the Pacific Ocean. The territory located in all of the earth’s four hemispheres Eastern, Western, Northern and Southern. It is divided into three island groups namely, Phoenix Island, Line Island and Gilbert Island. People who live here speak Gilbertese language which is an oceanic language.