5 Things to See in Venice

Venice is one of the most romantic places in the world.The most unique thing in Venice is that there are no roads here. It is a city where travelling is done through water canals. Venice is the capital of the Italy’s Veneto region. This city is built on more than a hundred small islands in a pool in the Adriatic Sea. These islands are detached by canals and connected with bridges.

Thousands of tourist from all around the globe come to witness the beauty of this city. So here are 5 must see things in Venice:

1 The Grand Canal

grand canal venice

This is one of the most popular thing to do in the entire city. The Grand Canal moves around the city in the shape of the alphabet “S”. It goes form Saint Mark Basin to the other end of the lagoon to Santa Lucia rail station. This old watercourse is about 3,800 meters long and about 30- 90 meters wide. The depth of this canal at most places is about 5 meters which is approximately 16 feet. Most of the city uses this canal for their daily travelling. Here you can see private boats, water taxis, water buses and gandolas. The best way to see the huge building along the canal is through the water taxis also called vaporetto.

2 St. Mark’s Basilica

st. mark’s basilica venice

This ancient church was built in the year 828. The church was built to store the fossils of St. Mark the Evangelist. In 976, the church burned down because of a revolt. The church has been rebuilt twice. Before becoming the city’s cathedral, this basilica was the doge’s private chaplet till 1807.This church is considered to be one of the best examples of the Byzantine architecture. It is one of the most stunning cathedral you will ever see

3 Piazza San Marco


Most of Venice’s sights, which are worth visiting are located in this square. This square was built in the ninth century. At that time it was a small place with dotted trees everywhere. In the year of 1174, this square was expanded after Rio Batario canal separated it from the Doge’s palace. This square houses some important government office and some beautiful art work.

4 Lido di Venezia


Also called Lido, is a beach in Venice which is away from al the hustle bustle of tourists. This place is popular as it holds the Annual Movie Festival here. There are a hundred amazing hotels here. You can stay here and enjoy the sun and sand.If you are a shopping freak, then this is the perfect place for you to visit.It is a calm and quaint place.

5 Giardinidella Biennale


This beautiful parkland is the place where the Venice Biennale Art Festival takes place. This festival is an important part of the city’s culture. The gardens were creation of Napolean Bonaparte. There are 30 permanent pavilions here which display a particular national’s art work.

If you want to enjoy some beautiful architecture and some enriching history, then Venice is the perfect destination for you to visit.