5 best dishes from around the world that you can try making at home

Now that we have plenty of time at home and miss traveling, it is the perfect time to get to know the local cuisines of other countries better. How, you ask? Well, you can’t travel to exotic places but you sure can bring them to your kitchen! 

Not only that, but you can also try your hands at dishes from around the world that you’ve always wanted to gorge on. Here are the 5 best dishes from around the world that you must try during this quarantine period. 


Lasagna is a popular dish in Italy and everyone dreams of having it on their trip to Italy. It is made using lasagna sheets, tomato sauce, cheese, and vegetables. The main seasonings used in the preparation of lasagna includes oregano, garlic, and basil. Here is how you can make it at home. 

Scottish oatmeal rolls 

If you are tired of baking cakes and cookies now, try making Scottish oatmeals rolls for a quick change. They go well with soups, fish and other Scottish delicacies. You can even try having it with something sweet. Here is how you can make yourselves a batch. 

Crispy fish and chips 

You must have had pre-packed and frozen fish and chips and home but did you know that it is very popularly had in England? This classic combo is an example of culinary fusion and you can have it as snacks at home. Here is the recipe.


Tacos have become popular in India in the past few years and everyone loves to have this Mexican delight every once in a while. It is a flavourful dish and you can even make the tortillas at home from scratch. Here is the recipe.

Hummus and Pita bread 

Hummus dip is a popular middle eastern delight that is made using chickpeas, lemon juice, tahini, and garlic. It is popularly served with pita bread but you can also have it with carrot sticks or celery. Here is how you can make it at home.