11 Things One Must Do In Abu Dhabi

Known as the Capital of United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi is the city of ultra-modern architectures in the lap of desert. It has emerged as a business hub of middle-east concentrating on oil export and commerce. Apart from this, this capital city has a lot to offer to tourists. We have listed below the top 15 things to do in Abu Dhabi on your next holiday to this breathtaking emirate.

Visit Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

This beautiful mosque is one of the Abu Dhabi’s top tourist magnetisms. It is the largest mosque in the United Arab Emirates and it is also counted among one of the largest mosques in the world holding a sitting of 40,000 people. It houses the largest carpet (single piece) in the world and is beautified with some huge and exquisite chandeliers. You will absolutely fall in love with its flamboyant corridors and the center prayer hall. There is so much beauty to be seen here.

Hold a Falcon at the Falcon Hospital

If you want to try something different, this place will certainly give you a one of a kind experience. It is the top quality hospital, but only for falcons. This is the place where you get to know about the different kinds of falcons. Falcons from all across the world are given treatment here. You will understand about their behavior and treatment methods in detail. Plus, you are allowed to touch them, hold them and even take a photo with them. This enlightening and awe-inspiring experience is highly appreciated by both children and adults. Do not skip the chance to visit this place.

Formula Rossa – The Fastest Theme Ride in the World

In Abu Dhabi’s Ferrari World, Formula Rossa is known as the fastest theme park ride on the earth. It catches a top speed of 240 kmph in less than 58 seconds. It gives you a thrill that is unmatchable. It is the Ferrari World’s flagship ride. Besides, you can also have a look of the Ferrari cars gallery here. For just AED 240: for an adults and AED 120: for kids you can avail unlimited access to all rides except the Formula Rossa and the Speed of Magic. This is quite economical than other theme parks and the experience is really unparalleled.

Have a Look of World Famous Date Market

When it is about Middle East, the mention of term ‘Dates’ is compulsory, and everybody want to dip in the delight of this sweet fruit. Head towards the Date market in the heart of Abu Dhabi where you can taste and buy dates of different varieties from all across the Middle East. As far as more than 100 varieties of dates are sold here. Some are full-grown and some are half grown. Some are colored black, some are red and some are brown. These dates will undoubtedly give you a sugar crush.

Check In the Luxury of the Emirates Palace

The Emirates Palace was firstly constructed to be the home of Sheikh Zayed. But now it is a renowned and luxurious 7 star hotel. Every next step you find more luxury here. Even, you can also see the Gold ATM machine here, that spit out gold coins and biscuits instead of currency. It is magically tailored to provide guests an amazing experience. It has its own private beach which is 1.3 Kms long where you can enjoy free camel ride. Travelers stayed there rated it 9.4/10 and undeniably faultless.

Have a Trip to Central Souk

The central market is known as the last traditional souk (market place) of Abu Dhabi. Nowadays, it is a fully air-conditioned market with modish facilities, but it hasn’t yet lost that old charm. It is designed in traditional Arabic Style. Offering a plethora of products like clothes, Turkish plates, pashminas, curios, rugs, tobacco, pipes etc. etc. etc. you will find it all here. And obviously, you can also hit upon a wide variety of spices, local dresses, gold and lot more here.

Walk alongside the Corniche

With the rise of moon, the Corniche is a buzz of activities with mild evening breeze. Both locals and tourists step out to the lovely pathways. You can often notice few bicyclers here too. The Corniche is awesome for a multiple things. You can simply merge into the Abu Dhabi crowd by having a walk there, also in the nearby beach you can play beach volleyball, or you can admire the Abu Dhabi skyline sitting on one of its chairs and enjoy its beautiful white sandy beaches and can party all night at many of its cafes or beach clubs.

Shop at Marina Mall

Opened in March 2001 and situated gracefully near Corniche Road and the Emirates Palace, this is the largest shopping mall in Abu Dhabi and houses a large number of exquisite designer brands. With over 400 stores, you will find EVERYTHING here. It is the most loved entertainment venue for locals and tourists and also symbolizes the prosperity of the nation.

Visit Al Ain Oasis

Al Ain Oasis is situated in the heart of Al Ain. Many tourists head here in the search of tranquility. Working on a 3000 year old Falaj irrigation system, this oasis holds a series of mesmerizing water channels with full of Palm plantations. With eight different entrances, you’ll find more than 100 varieties of palms here. The oasis has been selected as a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System (GIAHS) and entry is free.

Enjoy the Sand Dunes of Al Khaznah

Whenever there is a mention of UAE, deserts is the first word came to one’s mind. The country has a part of the Empty Quarter. As far as you go dense to the desert you will find bigger and prettier sand dunes where you can feel the adrenalin rush of dune surfing, quad biking, dune bashing, camel riding and much more. Here you can spend a smooth night between the winds of desert while enjoying a traditional dinner meal under the twinkling stars.

Play Golf at Saadiyat Beach Golf Club

This is the first beachside golf course of the Arabian Gulf featuring 18 holes. Its aerial view looks mesmerizing. This is an eco conscious course, made in full compliance with strict environmental guidelines where you can spot the naughty dolphins, sea view, salt water lakes and sand dunes at the same time. Designed sensibly, this place provides a breath taking golf experience with every hole having its distinctive character.