10 Unfriendliest cities around the World

Everyone wants to visit a place where people are friendly, helpful and sweet but, some people also get a different experience while visiting cities which are not-that-friendly. So, do you want to know about the unfriendliest cities in the world? Well, here are the cities that are infamous for their rude treatment of travelers and their unfriendly atmosphere.

1. Moscow, Russia

10 Unfriendliest cities in the World

No doubt, Moscow has a lot to offer in terms of landmarks and culture, but locals in Moscow are not very helpful. It usually has bad traffic and a very aloof atmosphere which makes it stand on a low ranking.

2. Atlantic City, New Jersey, US

10 Unfriendliest cities in the World

People who like to gamble and have fun, Atlantic City is a good place for those. But, tourists are warned before that they will have to face rude and fast-paced people all around them in Atlantic.

3. Marseilles, France

10 Unfriendliest cities in the World
Source- Erasmusu.com

Marseilles is France´s second largest city beholding a cultural renaissance of dawn, but many tourists still find it to be quite disorganized and persistent. But, this city is still considered way more relaxed than Paris.

4. Los Angeles, California, US

10 Unfriendliest cities in the World

In spite of never-ending beautiful sunshine Los Angeles was voted as one of the world’s unfriendliest cities in a survey. However L.A. is full of good-looking people, many of them come off as pretentious, impolite, and uncooperative.

5. New York City, New York, US

10 Unfriendliest cities in the World

There are so many great things to do and see in New York, but visitors often feel amazed and irritated by the crowds here. Also, tourists find New Yorkers as unfriendly and unsupportive people.

6. Las Vegas, Nevada, US

10 Unfriendliest cities in the World

Las Vegas is located in the middle of the Mojave Desert. Las Vegas earned its fame because of its elusively shabby show and flashy performances. It might be this artificial beautification that makes so many people rank this city as unfriendly.

7. Cannes, France

10 Unfriendliest cities in the World

This city is Home to one of the world’s most trendy and admired film festivals. Cannes is known for being prosperous, attractive, but also snobbish and extremely expensive. In spite of its magnificent location on the French Riviera, many tourists consider this city unfriendly.

8. Washington D.C., US

10 Unfriendliest cities in the World
Source- biostock.se

The U.S. is full of great tourist attractions, many of which are free. But, travelers at times rank the streets of Washington a bit unfriendly.

9. Frankfurt, Germany

10 Unfriendliest cities in the World

Frankfurt has one of the major and busiest airports in the world but astonishingly, the airport is also one of the reasons why some travelers consider the whole city of Frankfurt unfriendly. The tourists find the airport very complex and the staff unfriendly.

10. Boston, Massachusetts, US

10 Unfriendliest cities in the World
Source- Chowdaheadz Blog

Boston is one of the oldest cities in the U.S. and boasts of many tourist attractions. Unfortunately, the overall atmosphere in the city and the weird behavior from locals are often unacceptable for visitors.