10 Pocket Friendly Travel Tips

Research – Use the power of Internet. Go for best deals/packages regarding airfare, railway reservation, hotel reservation etc. There are many youth hostels across India where you can stay with prior booking. Pre online bookings might be helpful for travel freaks. Prepare a list of budget lodgings and select the best one out. Your stay does not necessarily be first class as you just need a shelter to spend night.

Travel in Group – Yes, befriend with likeminded people. This will give you an idea of good companionship and at the same time your expenses will go on decrease. You have to pay less for shared accommodation, food, alcohol and everything. Plus you will always have a photographer with you all the time. Lol!

Use Public Transportation System – Firstly, walk as much as you can, take help of locals to get familiar with new roads, enjoy picturesque walks as a part of your travel experience. Avoid booking expensive taxi or cab, use public transportation system. This will cut down your expenses to an unbelievable extent.

Go off season – Everyone want to ski during winter which makes such tourist destinations much crowded and obviously expensive, go during spring, you will enjoy the same way as you could have during winters (example). Chose off season to enjoy the beauty of the place in full swing without crowd and that too in an economical way.

Use discounts – there are many offers in hotels, restaurants, tourist places etc. for specified age groups, students, females etc. Avail your rights to save every other penny. Don’t forget to keep your ID cards with you that might qualify you for this.

Talk to the locals – Have a word with locals wherever you go. They will help you for sure and suggest the best places to reside and eat. In this way you will get the best food and place to stay at cost effective prices. Sometimes villagers may offer you to spend a night or two with them only.

Group Discounts – Tourist spots are flooded with such options. Don’t wait to take benefit out of such offers, just grab them without a second thought. This will surely help your group to enjoy completely without stress of getting out of money.

Consume local food – Yes, change your taste according to your destination. It’s quite possible that normal food may be expensive but possibilities are high of lower rates of local food, beer, beverages etc. Changing your school of thoughts might awake your taste buds and make them adaptive of different food. This will make you a little more flexible than before too.

Chalk down daily budget – Fix a pre-determined fund and try to stick through it. This will not only keep you motivated but will also helps you to reduce the traveling cost considerably. By tracking every single rupee spent you will come to know what all are the unwanted expenses and what should be avoided.

Don’t be extravagant while shopping – We understand that shopping is an important part of any tour. Friends and family expects special gifts from that particular place. Before leaving your hometown, make a budget for this in order to avoid reducing your travel budget. Choose unique yet cheap items to gift.