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Pahalgam as a Honeymoon Destination

Pahalgam as a Honeymoon Destination

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IntroductionPahalgam is a town in the district of Anantnag in Jammu Kashmir beside the river Lidder located 96 kms away from the capital Srinagar. It is also known as ‘the valley of shepherds.’ The pine trees and snow covered mountains in the background form picture perfect scenery just like the Rocky Mountains in Europe. The breath taking beauty of the place just mesmerizes you, the lush green valley during summers and snow covered mountains just make you feel as if you are in Europe. It is also base camp for the sacred pilgrimage Amarnath.If you want to spend some lovely time with your loved one this is the place to be.

Top spots to visit:-There  are some great places to visit in Pahalgam. The golf course, the pony ride, the Betaab valley, the water falls, it all feels gifted by nature its nature in its raw state. Other than these places there are stuffs for adventure lovers, the Jawahar Institute and The Highland Excursions. The Jawahar institute organizes multiday trekking and skiing at a fair price that won’t burn a hole in your pocket and the Highland Excursions offers white water rafting to set in the adrenaline rush in you.

Good Points: – Good points are many about Pahalgam, it’s a never ending list but I havesummarized a few.

  1. It is Europe in India.
  2. It brings you closer to nature away from the daily hustle of your city life.
  3. It is a perfect romantic destination.
  4. You can do white water rafting well within your budget.

Bad points: Like everything present on this earth it too has a few bad points.

  1. The weather can be a spoil sport sometimes during the winters.
  2. The militants have a few times targeted this lovely town.

Climate condition and the best time to visit:  The best time to visit the place is during summers when the mercury soars up in most of the north India. The climate during summers remains cool and not chilly. Winter here witnesses heavy snowfall due to which the season might not be the best for sightseeing.

How to get there: the nearest railway station is Udhampur and it is about 255km from the nearest railway station. Taxis are available from the railway station to Pahalagam. Or you can always catch a flight to Srinagar which is just 96kms away from Pahalgam.

The food there:It is a no hidden truth that Indians are food loving people and before visiting a place they first confirm the food available there, but you don’t need to anything as such because the local cuisine will help your taste buds attain Nirvana. The traditional dishes here are rice based and include mutton or chicken with rice and vegetables. Rogan josh and lamb marinate are just a few of the dish to set your mouth watering. The meat cuisines just melts into your mouth don’t blame me if you put on some weight during your visit to the place. Your visit is incomplete without the Kahwah, a traditional green tea prepared with saffron strands, cinnamon barks and cardamom pod. Trust me Your tea will never be the same after tasting it.

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