Munich- most liveable city of the world

Munich- most liveable city of the world

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The architecture, the scenery, the greenery, the classiness, the beauty, the liveliness and the spirit of ‘live life to the fullest’, everything makes you fall in love with this city. Munich is the capital of Bavaria, the largest state of Germany. This city has been securing itself a place in the top 10 liveable cities of the world for a decade now. The amazing thing about Munich is that while it is a flourishing big city it hasn’t lost its comfy small town soul and affectionate feel.

Located on the Isar River, the city lies on the high plains of upper Bavarian in the northern Alpine Foreland and is covered by Morainic hills in the south. The other river which flows by is Wrum. With the kind of topography the city has, it is highly fertile in the north and has marshy land in its southern part.  The city has been blessed with lush greenery and exotic natural beauty that would win your heart, the instance you see it.

“Munchen mag dich”  meaning Munich likes you is the city’s motto, seems like the people of the city here are keen to prove it right with their warm greetings and helpfulness. Also with the beauty this city has been blessed with, you will be left with no option but to like it back.

Climate- The city is located in the centre of Europe and thus experiences a climate change frequently,the nearness of Alps has a considerable impact on the weather, it rains more in Munich than any other city in the state.

Munich knows how to celebrate life and its people know how to participate in and organize a grand celebration, one of the most famous festivals of Munich is the Oktoberfest, it is the world’s most famous municipal fest and is sees huge participation by the people every year.

Architecture- due top zoning and height restriction enacted in the city, you will not find any building crossing 99m and this has helped the city to sustain its open feel and avoid jamming. The architecture from the medieval time has been preserved, rebuilt and maintained well from the post World War times, the designs are so capable and intricate that any looker wouldn’t be able to resist himself from praising its beauty and fineness.

Despite of the hustle bustle that a city as big as Munich is expected to have, Munich has a strange calm and easiness in the way people live here, during summers you could sit along the river, enjoy a family picnic or simply swim in the water. Everything is very raw and natural in its approach with the least commercial interference, the feeling that the city gives you is very home like.
Do not mistake it for being a random small town, Munich is the hub of many finance, media, automotive and aerospace industries. It is in fact called Germany’s Silicon Valley because of its productive nature and growth opportunities.

Prominent areas in the town are: Marienplatz, the square at the centre of town, Bogenhausen to the east is diagonal to the EnglischerGarten, this place has striking blocks of ancient accommodation and parks; near the Isar River is Haidhausen to the south. Lehel is known to be the address to foreign embassies; in the north is Schwabing, it has many bars and restaurants; Glockenbachviertel referred to as GBV is a stylish place with a hip scene centered in the region of the bars and boutiques near Gärtnerplatz traffic circle.

Munich has an amazing nightlife, with lots of night clubs, the city loves to party till dawn.

The city is known as the spiritual centre right form the time of King Louis IV, it is known for being the ideal place for research and science with many universities here, to provide quality education and work atmosphere for local as well as foreign students. Apart from the study culture here, students also particularly like the liberal culture of people here.
Munich is truly blessed with growing economy, natural beauty, best facilities for its people, public services, growth opportunities and positive energy.


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