Visiting Mussorie? Don’t go near these places!

There are many stories and tales of ghosts and spirits, most of them are spine chilling, while some of them are fake as well. But this story is about real ghosts of Mussoorie. Are you about to visit the hill station? Then you must know what places you should not explore there. Yes, it is hard to believe that such a beautiful place has a dark side, but it has. So, check out the haunted places in Mussoorie.

•    Savoy Hotel

When you will ask about Savoy Hotel from a local you will see the fear in their eyes. It is one of the most haunted places in Mussoorie that has some secrets. Back in 1911, Lady Garnet Orme, a well-known British spiritualist was murdered here. She was poisoned with strychnine and suffered a painfully slow death. The mystery is unsolved and it is believed that the lady lurks in the corridors of the hotel looking for her murderer. Few guests have reported incidents such as doors shutting, unknown whispers and some claimed that they have seen the Lady themselves. This is scary!

•    Haunted house- sisters bazaar

Near Sisters Bazaar there is an empty house that is haunted as per locals. The house is no more there the only skeleton of the forlorn house, that’s hidden somewhere inside the jungles. It is famous among the people who want to have real ghost encounters.

•    Parri Tibba

Pari Tibba is an infamous spot in Mussoorie. Lightning strikes and paranormal activities happen at the hill. Locals say that two lovers died at the spot right inside the woods of the hills and now they haunt the place.

•    Lambi dehar mines

At this place, several people have been found dead under mysterious circumstances. There have been murders and weird accidents as well. It is one of the most haunted places in the hill station where fatal things have happened. Even the locals don’t prefer to go there.

So avoid going near to these places while you are at the hill station.