Travel Tips For Photographers

Travel Tips For Photographers

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It wouldn’t be wrong to say that photography and travel almost go hand in hand. Travelling and that too with such equipment brings an additional responsibility.

Compiled below is a comprehensive list of travel tips which should be kept in mind when travelling with a camera.

• There are thieves in every part of the world who are well aware of how much your camera can fetch for in a black market. So, when travelling, it becomes crucial to protect your gear from theft. Ensure that sure all recognizable logos such as “Canon” or “Nikon” are hidden or have been removed. Carry your camera and related devices in a normal looking backpack.

• Before travelling, ensure that all your equipment is insured. If not, get it updated and insured.

• The most valuable thing which you carry are the images which you’ve so carefully thought of and clicked. Gear can be replaced, but the photographs can not. So, it is imperative that you carry multiple hard drives and keep saving your images time to time.

• Exploit the potential of the city to which you’re travelling. Try and get multiple perspectives on it. Staying in a luxury hotel for one night and spend the other night at a basic lodge or a bed and breakfast. This would definitely create a lot of great photo opportunities.

• Try and hire locals when traveling. A guide would be excellent as he/she would help you acquaint with the destination better. You can even hire the people you plan on photographing and involve them in your productions. When your team is local, it is easier for the others to develop a sense of trust and respect for your photography.

• Don’t take your entire house with you. Pick and choose the kind of equipment which you would require specifically for your shoot. This is extremely important tip if you plan to do some hiking or trekking.

• Keep all photo equipment in your carry-on bag(s). Under no circumstances should you put it in checked luggage. Remember that the airline ticket says the airline is not responsible for lost or damaged articles.

• Bring multiple photocopies of all travel documents. Also, carry a list of camera equipment including serial numbers for lenses, cameras and flashes and keep them separate from your equipment. These can come in handy for potential insurance claims.

• It is an invasion of privacy if you click pictures without seeking permission. So try and request locals before clicking their photographs. Show them your work on the LCD monitor when you’re done. These little things do matter.

• Photo vests and jackets should be a part of your luggage. Not only do they give a look of a professional travel photographer, but they are also practical. With all those pockets, you can have fast access to photo accessories, such as filters, memory cards and even lenses.

• When traveling, pack an AC power strip so that you can charge your computer and camera battery at the same time. When visiting a foreign country, ensure that you have the correct power adapter plug, which you can find at electronic stores.

So for your next vacation, happy clicking!


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