Travel guide to Satpura National Park

Madhya Pradesh has only one hill station, Pachmarhi which is surrounded by waterfalls, caves and the forested range of Satpura National park.  The park is situated in the Hoshangabad district of Madhya Pradesh and is spread over Satpura hills on highlands of Central India. The park connects the untouched hill station of Pachmarhi and forms an area of 1427 If you love to experience the wildlife you must visit this park to enjoy the view of the jungle, wonderful hilly terrains, and forest. Satpura is blessed with beautiful flora and fauna. Check out the best time to visit, how to visit and other details about the national park below:

Best Time to Visit: Satpura National Park is open from 16th October till the month of June. Wildlife lovers can visit Satpura during this time to enjoy safari rides and boating.

How to reach:

By Road: Satpura is approximately 180 km away from the city of Bhopal and 250 km from Jabalpur city and hence can be reached via these two cities by road.


By Train: The nearest railway stations to Satpura are Itarsi, Sohagpur, Pipariya, and Hoshangabad where Itarsi is the largest railway junction.

By Air: Bhopal airport is the nearest to the park.

Things to do:

You will get to experience a large variety of flora and fauna. Although Tiger is the prime wildlife attraction of Satpura, the park has got a lot of variety of fauna. The fauna of the reserve includes Leopards, Black Buck, Wild Dogs, Golden Jackals, Indian Bison (Gaur), and Porcupine, Chowsingha, Sloth Bear, Spotted Dear, Giant Malabar Squirrel and a lot more.

Jungle Safari

Satpura Tiger Reserve

It is the ultimate paradise for wildlife lovers you will be thrilled to see the outstanding hilly terrains, peaceful jungle, deep gorges, streamlets, and many more. Jungle Safari has its own joy and thrill. The safari tickets can be booked online via website. Morning jeep safari starts at sunrise and ends at 11.00 hrs whereas evening safari begins at 2.30 hrs and ends at sunset. You can spot a huge species of birds and animals while on safari.

Boat Safari and Canoeing

Gypsy Shack

You can also take a one-hour boat safari to Denwa River and enjoy the calm and composed nature over there. You can also do water activities to seek some adventure.

Exploring nature on foot

 Experiencing the forest while walking around has its own charm. Satpura National Park offers walking safari in which tourists explore the forest accompanied by a trained naturalist and gets a chance to connect with nature and wildlife while walking in the dense forests.

Elephant Safari

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In this safari, tourists get to experience nature while sitting on an elephant’s back.

Where to stay:

Satpura has both budget and luxury hotels. For tourists who want some adventure, there is the option of the overnight campaign as well. Forsyth Lodge, Denwa Backwater Escape, Reni Pani Lodge and Madhai Wildlife Resort are some best options.