Top reasons : Why travel insurance is a must?

A mind chilling vacation with family and friends is an unforgotten set of emotions in the diary of memories. It’s like a break from the hassles of life. But, what if the serenity of the vacation gets bothered due to a sudden accident? There are various things such that can go wrong on a vacation such as missing flights, sickness etc. One thing which can get rid of all such mis-happenings is Travel Insurance. Yes, pay a little amount of premium before you rush for vacation and enjoy without fear. Here is a tabular description which shows you why it is need of the time.

Loss of passport or baggage

Rather than contacting your embassy, rush to local police stations or even try to figure things out on your own. So irritating, isn’t it? Simply call the travel insurance company and they will help sort out things, right from working on the documents to getting the finances right.

Sickness or Accident abroad

Health insurance policy is applicable to one’s own country only. Any medical condition will cost you more than the cost of your entire trip. On the contrary, in the presence of travel insurance, by mere prior declaration of health condition, travel insurance is much helpful in any medical situation.

Missed flights

Missing a flight is something really unfortunate. It can happen by mistake or due to some emergency but it puts some extra weight on pockets. Absence of travel insurance will lead to loss of time and money without any doubt. Travel insurance covers this loss and is very much helpful.

Delayed flights

A couple of hours is tolerable, but delay due to strike, extreme weather conditions or any other such thing make such delays last longer, which results in loss of time and money. Travel insurance companies pay out for delays of more than twelve hours.

Robbery at your home, while you are travelling abroad       

An empty house is an invitation to thieves. While you are away, having the time of your life, a robber might steal valuables from your house. Yes, a travel insurance policy takes care of this as well.

Emergency evacuations

Regrettably one can never forecast when and where a natural disaster like a tsunami or an earthquake might strike. The recent Nepal earthquakes are a vivid example of the same. We never hope for such situation but if this may happen then you may have no other option. Fortunately, travel insurance covers urgent situations where the insurance company takes the accountability of safeguarding the insured person out of this disastrous situation to his own country by arranging emergency flight and providing him the required medication.

Note: Above all, carefully verify the policy terms and conditions to check if it is providing what you desire. Never forget to check the latest travel advice by Indian Meteorological Department if heading for local vacations and refer that particular nation’s website for international ones.