Tips to stay safe while staying in a hotel these days

It’s been months since you visited your favorite hotel or staycation destination, right? This pandemic has affected our lives and caused everyone to stay inside their homes. But now, hill stations, restaurants, and hotels are reopening around the country. And are you thinking about a road trip? Wherever you go, a hotel stay is a must, but before you step into a hotel, you need to make sure that you are safe. Experts say that hotels are actually a very safe place right now. So, here are some tips to stay safe while staying in a hotel in these pandemic days: 

  • Wear a mask 

Always wear a cloth face-covering in the lobby or other common areas, when you are around people. Also, maintain social distancing. 

  • Don’t visit the gym 

Many hotel gyms will likely remain closed, but in case it is opened, avoid going to the hotel gym. 

  • Wash your hands 

Wash your hands or sanitize them after any interaction. Make sure your hands are clean and you don’t touch your face. 

  • Skip daily housekeeping

It is recommended to have a few people in your room as possible. So keep the housekeeping crew out of your room. They can drop fresh towels at the door or clean your room when you are outside. 

  • You can use the pool 

If a hotel’s pool is open and you want to go, then you can. Experts say that the virus can’t survive in a chlorinated pool. Just be sure there is not much crowd in the pool. Maintain proper space with other groups. 

  • Go for an outdoor setting 

People anyway enjoy outdoor seating for restaurants more, and it is safe as well, so if you are going to hotels go for outdoor seating. You can also use contactless room service delivery as well. 

  • Take stairs 

Whenever possible take stairs instead of elevators, this limits your interaction with other people and further risk of infection as well. Avoid using a lift with other guests.