This Guy’s travel diaries is truly inspiring

No doubt we all make plans to travel with our family or friends but only few have the excitement to explore with their pets. Among such people, one of a guy Rich East from Tasmania did something beyond expectations just to travel with his cat Willow.

Rich is traveling with her little black cat from past 2.5 years and has discovered many beautiful sights across Australia. The surprising part is that to make this lifetime trip possible he sold all his house, possessions and even resigned from his job.

They have covered almost 6 states and have also camped on mountains in Burketown, Queensland and the Northern Territory. Rich has also revealed that many people finds his idea weird but his cat really enjoys it and is always keen to look forward for more amazing places.

His cat has a tracker on her collar so, that whenever she goes away from him or feel like having some solo time, Rich can easily find her. This unique travel duo inspires a lot of people and has millions of followers. They keep on sharing pictures from their camp and the locations on where they reach. It feels great to see them. Check out their pictures below:

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Yesterday Steph, Willow, and I went for a walk up Mount Coot-tha in Brisbane – a chance to put Willow’s new adventure bag to the test. I was a little nervous starting the 4.2km return walk, this was going to be our longest yet. But don’t be fooled – Willow only walked 50 metres of it! As we set off the improvements had paid off. The new frame insert stopped the sides pushing in and allowed Willow to pop her head out when she wanted to. When we passed a dog she could duck down and feel safe. We reached the top and enjoyed the view. While we waited outside, Steph checked the little gift shop for sew-on patches for the bag and found a cool one of Brisbane (was hoping for a Mount Coot-tha though). The whole adventure took us just over an hour. What an awesome morning! So proud of this little cat! . . . A lost man. A rescue cat. A road trip like no other! Willow has signed copies of our book for you. Free shipping worldwide + bonus. Link in bio 👉 @vancatmeow

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