Things to pack for Sunburn Arena 2017 (Pune)

Things to pack for Sunburn Arena 2017 (Pune)

New Year is right around the corner and with it comes India’s biggest music festival Sunburn Arena 2017. Sunburn Arena 2017 is all about having fun and enjoying great DJ and singer performances. This year EDM will soar in the Pune sky all over again. The rate of attendance at Sunburn grows every year. And before, you plan to go check out the essential must pack for the event:

  • Keep your ticket safe

It may sound very simple but it is the most important thing. Your ticket is your pass for all the 4 days. Be careful while packing. Keep it safe, so that you don’t lose this ticket. Double check, that you have kept your ticket in the bag.

  • Comfy shoes

As you will have to walk, stand and dance. Pack your comfy shoes or footwear only. Heels will obviously hurt your feet, so avoid them. Look for some glittery or sexy flat boots instead.

  • Carry a Hat

This is one of the essential things to take for the Sunburn Arena 2017 event. You will see everyone wearing a hat. Get yourself one smart one beforehand as it will protect you from the sun and will add an element to your outfit.

  • Insect Repellent

    source: Nourished Life
    source: Nourished Life

Mosquitoes are everywhere here. Remember to carry an insect repellent spray or cream with you. Don’t forget to apply it before leaving for the event.

  • Backpacks

All the people attending the fest are advised to carry a backpack. It is because you will be able to carry your important stuff in it every time you go out. Power banks, chargers, water bottle, extra clothes, energy drinks, and wallets etc.

  • Comfortable clothes

The outfit is something to be chosen according to your personal style. We suggest you take lightweight and comfortable clothes with you. Boys can carry shorts and lights tees, on the other hand, girls can carry comfortable t-shirts, skirts, tops, and pants etc.

Would you like to attend the Sunburn Arena 2017?

Picture courtesy: Pexels