The Wonderful Glasgow

The Wonderful Glasgow

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Situated on the River Clyde, Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland. The third largest city in the entire United Kingdom, Glasgow is located in the West Central Lowlands. It originally started as a small rural settlement on the River Clyde and eventually went on to become one of the largest seaports in Britain. Today, it has become one of the most visited cities in the British Isles and also remains one of the nation’s key economic centres outside London. In fact, the city also hosted the Commonwealth Games in 2014. It was in the 6th century that Glasgow was founded by the Christian missionary Saint Mungo. For much of the Victorian era and Edwardian period, the city was referred to as the “Second City of the British Empire”.

How To Reach

There are a plethora of options to access Glasgow. The city is served by two main airports namely the Glasgow International Airport and Glasgow Prestwick International Airport. Both the airports have flights from the rest of the world. Tourists also have the option of taking a train to Glasgow. The city has two main line railway stations, namely Central Station and Queen Street Station. There are also buses serving Glasgow which arrive at the Buchanan Bus Station. Additionally, from Ireland, there are a number of convenient ports close to Glasgow.


Glasgow’s climate can be called oceanic. Due to its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and westerly position, Glasgow happens to be one of Scotland’s milder areas.Due to the warming influence of the Gulf Stream, the temperatures tend to be higher. The summer months are from June to August, and the weather varies considerably from day to day. The warmest month is usually July. Autumns are generally cool to mild with increasing precipitation.Winters are cool and overcast, with an average temperatures around 5.0 °C.

Places To See

  • Glasgow Green: Founded by Royal grant in 1450, this park is among the most famous parks in the city. An important venue for concerts and open air events in Glasgow, People’s Palace and Winter Gardens are the major highlights here.
  • The Mackintosh Collection: Considered the best example of Glaswegian architect Rennie Mackintosh’s bold style, the Mackintosh Collection is the highlight of the Glasgow School of Art. Don’t miss the exhibit of Mackintosh’s own paintings.
  • The Tall Ship: The Glenlee is referred to as a tall ship. Launched onto the Clyde in 1896, it sailed throughout the world for over 80 years after which it has returned home and is now a maritime museum. Visitors can tour this unique ship and sample a piece of Glasgow’s shipbuilding past here.
  • Glasgow Cathedral: Founded by St. Mungo in 543 AD, Glasgow Cathedral is one of the oldest medieval church in Scotland. Don’t miss the carvings, memorials, or the crypt of St. Mungo in the lower church.
  • Burrel Collection: Bequeathed to the city in 1944 by Sir William Burrell, Burrel Collection is Glasgow’s most diverse museum. It is home to an impressive collection of impressionist paintings by Degas, Bellini, and Sisley as well as Greek and Roman artifacts.

For a unique holidaying experience, do plan a vacation to Glasgow soon!


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