The Place that can take your Breath Away: Hogenakka

The Place that can take your Breath Away: Hogenakka

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Hogenakkal is a small villages that is situated on the banks of the River Kaveri. This stunning place is where the River Kaveri splits into numerous streams of waterfalls. This is what makes this place fell like heaven on earth. It is located in the Dharampuri District in the southern state of Tamil Nadu. Hogenakkal is the place where you can admire some of Mother Nature’s beauty and breathe in the fresh air.

There are a number of gorgeous landscapes and places that one can see while visiting this quaint village.

1 Hogenakkal Falls


This is the most popular tourist spot here. It’s because of this fall, people come and visit Hogenakkal. Here the River Kaveri falls through numerous steps which make the site picture perfect. This waterfall is located about 46 kms away from Dharmapuri town. The falls are also called the “Niagara fall of India”. The rocks around the fall are the oldest of its kind in South Asia and the oldest in the world. The word “Hogenakkal” mean “smoking rocks”. The water here is absolutely fresh and is also believed to have some medical properties. You can come here to enjoy a boat ride while admiring the beautiful view right in front of you.

2 Melagiri Hills


This is the second most beautiful place in Hogenakkal.After visiting the stunning falls, your next stop should be the gorgeous Melagiri Hills.The trek to the hill top is just breathtaking and full of adventure. There are several trekking options available here. Upon reaching the top, you can see the perfect view of the ranges.The Eastern Ghat meets the Western Ghat on these hills. You can also see lush green and dense forest surrounding Melagiri Hills.

3 Mettur Dam


This dam is located about 48 kms from Salem. The dam is situated in a small village called Mettur. It is one of the largest dams of India. Here you will see that the dam is enclosed by hilly ranges. It is a very popular tourist destination. This enormous mad made dam is across the River Cauvery at the valley. Tourist from all around the country come here to witness the beauty of the area and also relax their minds.The dam also provides irrigation services to over 271,000 acres of agricultural land around it.

4 Pennagram Village

This beautiful village is about 20 kms away from the Hogenakkal Village. This village attracts tourists because of the weekly fairs that are held here.You will also find magnificent bright colored terracotta statues. These are also called Aiyanars.

5 Theerthamalai Temple


This temple is devoted to Lord Shiva’s form called Lord Theerthagireeswar. It is one of the most popular pilgrim places near Hogenakkal. If legends are to be believed, then Lord Ram used to come to this temple to worship Lord Shiva. Lord Ram would come here to ask for forgiveness for his sins of killing many demons. Therefore, it is believed that one dip in the holy water here, can help you get rid of your sins.

Hogenakkal is a sweet little village that you must visit if you are looking for some peace and quietness.


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