The Magnificent Manchester

Fondly nicknamed as “The Capital of the North”, Manchester is a metropolitan borough in North West England. Also the sixth largest city in the United Kingdom, it happens to be among the most visited city in England by overseas visitors. Manchester was initially a manorial township. It only began expanding around the turn of the 19th century. The first recorded reference of Manchester is associated with the Roman fort of Mamucium, which was established around 79 AD. Today, with the multitude of shopping, cultural and entertainment facilities, the city manages to completely charm its visitors.


The city of Manchester witnesses what is called the temperate maritime climate. This means that the weather stays moderate and rarely gets too warm or too cold. Due to extremely mild winter conditions, there is never a period that one should avoid visiting, when planning a visit to Manchester.

How ToReach

There are various ways in which tourists can access Manchester. Manchester Airport is UK’s largest airport outside London. Nearly 100 operators fly to and from hundreds of locations worldwide. So visitors can easily access Manchester via air. Also, there is the option of travelling by train. Manchester city centre is served by two major railway stations, Victoria and Piccadilly. Buses are also an economic option to reach Manchester. Chorlton Street Coach Station is the central coach station in Manchester. Thus, there’s no dearth of options to access Manchester.

Places To Visit

  • Manchester Evening News Arena: Inaugurated in 1995, Manchester Evening News Arena is the largest indoor arena in Europe and can accommodate a whopping 21,000 people.
  • The People’s Museum: Reopened in 2010, The People’s Museum is Manchester’s only national museum. Visitors can get acquainted with the 200-year tale of British democracy here. The interactive exhibits bring political history to life.
  • Manchester Gay Village: Home to one of the oldest and most-established gay communities in Europe, Manchester Gay Village attracts tourists from all over the world. Its main area is the Canal Street, which is lined with a variety of bars, restaurants and clubs.
  • Shop In Manchester: For the high-end, big-brand experience, the King Street and its environs is the best area. If you’re on the hunt for more quirky items, explore the independent boutiques around the Northern Quarter.
  • Eat At Cloud 23: Located on the tallest building in Manchester, this contemporary restaurant provides stunning views of the changing skyline of the city. With a friendly service and stylish décor, do make it a point to visit this place!
  • Castle field: The centre of Manchester’s canal network, Castle field is the site of the original Roman settlement Mamucium. The surrounding walls of the area are over two metres and date back to the sixteenth century.

If you’re a sport enthusiast, then a vacation to Manchester should definitely top your holiday list!