The Great Outback – Australia

The Commonwealth of Australia is a country comprising of mainland Australian continent, island of Tasmania and numerous smaller islands. A highly developed country and one of the wealthiest, it has abundant environmental diversity ranging from its vast deserts and tall forests to its beautiful coral reefs and snow covered mountains. Australia is one of the most urbanised countries in the world and the cities here are pretty hip and full of fun activities.

Sydney is its largest and most internationally recognized city. With so much to offer, Australia is your one sure stop for fun.

English being the national language of the country should make it easy for the travellers to communicate, though the accent may take a bit getting used to. The currency used there is the Australian dollar which is roughly equal to 55 Indian rupees according to the current exchange rate. The capital is Canberra where the well-known Canberra International Airport is situated.

Being isolated from the rest of the world for a long time, the flora and fauna of Australia is quite unique and rare. So a trip to Australia is incomplete without having a look at some of the fascinating animals there in their natural environment. There are wildlife parks and zoos in every capital city. The Warrawong Fauna sanctuary in South Australia and Taronga zoo in Sydney are some of the noteworthy names.

Among its many wonderful sights, the Sydney Opera House is the most recognised one around the world and hence can be called the icon of Australia. Inside are six auditoriums where various spectacular dance, concert, opera and theatre are staged.

Another popular sight in Sydney itself is the Sydney Harbour Bridge. A good spot to visit for the tourists, it is pretty popular with the locals as well. The best way to experience it is on foot.

The beautiful beaches of Australia are a sight for sore eyes. A wide range of activities like swimming, surfing, snorkelling and scuba diving are available on the beaches of Australia.

The Whitehaven beach is called the most beautiful beach in Australia. The pure white sand forms an amazing contrast with the clear blue waters that lap at the beach, making it a truly magical sight. Other popular beaches of Australia are the Cable beach, the Burleigh Heads beach, the Noosa main beach, the Pirate’s bay and the Mandalay beach.

Having a large fishing zone allows bountiful access to seafood that considerably influences Australian cuisine. A variety of fishes are commercially available like prawn, tuna, salmon, abalone, edible oysters, salmon, mussel, barramundi and yellowtail kingfish. Vegemite is an Australian iconic food item.

It is a nutritious and tasty food paste made from yeast extract that is widely used throughout Australia. Other unique food items include macadamia nuts; Violet crumble, a honeycomb chocolate bar and Jaffas, which is chocolate with orange flavoured confectionary shell. Kangaroo meat is alos widely available but is not among popular meats.

The climate of Australia varies widely due to its large size but large part of Australia has desert or semi-arid climate. The south-east and south-west parts have temperate climate while the northern part of the country has tropical climate. The months of December and January see peak tourist traffic as Australia experiences summers during these months and are the best time to visit Australia climate –wise.

This picturesque continent with its vast beaches, clear blue sea and exotic wildlife is definitely a must go for you.