Rio CarnAval – A Potpourri of Cultures and Colours!

FLAMBOYANT, BAMBOOZLING AND WILD… It’s beyond being just a festival! It’s a 4 day long crazy party happening all across Rio De Janeiro, the sultry city of sandy shores and seductive samba grooves, in Brazil.

Rio is synonymous with its CarnAval, as Brazilians would like to call it in Portuguese, which transforms the city into a party destination for those 4 days, with fabulous colours, elaborate samba costumes, skimpily clad women swaying to the loud tunes coming from every nook and corner. Truly there is no other city like Rio and no other festival like the Rio Carnival.

This Brazilian extravaganza
This Brazilian extravaganza proceeds with the Samba parades, where many samba schools of Brazil parade on stunning floats and a dizzying array of dancers over a three night competition, and ends officially with the winners parade on the last day. Each float is a creativity in itself and revolves around a theme chosen by the school, an iconic significance to the Brazilian culture. The participating Cariocas (sensuous Brazilian ladies) wear all the bling (minimal the better) and shake it flawlessly.

With millions of people throbbing on the streets and beaches, it’s a breathtaking show and an amazing potpourri of Brazilian cultures and traditions. One can opt to play safe and be a spectator and sway on those tunes at your ease or learn a few samba moves in one of the samba schools and be a part of the bold and beautiful samba dancers parade.

In addition to the samba parades there are numerous public events happening on the streets, pubs, bars and clubs days before and after the carnival, people sway in the copious streets parties known as ‘Blocos’. The Blocos on many days attracts millions of people and lasts through the night. The atmosphere is electric.

The Rio Carnival history dates back to 1700’s and starts with a Portuguese tradition when they used to have huge blow out party before the period of lent, the 40 days of sacrificing period before Easter. The celebrations were massive and people even used to throw mud, water¸ food and dirt at each as part of the festivities. This age old tradition took a new form in 1800’s when a cobbler started having parades with his friends and family. With due course of time, these parades became more organised and were combined with the tradition of wearing masks and costumes.

The Carnival reached its peak and got the fancy of Samba schools, an African influenced music and dance style in the 20th century. Today, the carnival has evolved to be the ground for a fun competition between these Samba schools of Brazil.

The BRAZILIAN CARNAVAL is much more than being a mere festival or party and beholds many traditions behind its swaying moves which are more diverse, fascinating and richer. Be there and witness this vibrant moving human spectacle on the street, almost nude yet glamourized, dancing, partying and swaying away, a vision not to be missed for anything. Truly, the biggest party on Earth, and unarguably the best time to visit Rio!

Evolve your fantasy, glitter yourself and samba from dusk till dawn! This Magic is Real…..