Indonesia gets a social-distancing campsite movie setting!

‘Cinema Under the Stars’ concept has introduced Indonesians to a new way to experience outdoors and without putting their health at risk during this pandemic. Indonesian city of Bandung is offering people the chance to watch movie in an outdoor-camp setting.

People can sit in their tents comfortably and watch movies comfortably on the big screen. These tents are placed at an appropriate distance and people not only have their privacy but also don’t have to worry about any contamination or interaction with other people.

The place opened up recently and they also provide people with pillows, blankets, snacks, and sanitizers. The number of people who can occupy tents is also restricted and the tents are evenly spaced to maintain social distance.

The people who have already visited are happy with the arrangement of this movie camp site and it is a great way to entertain people while keeping safety precautions in mind.

What do you think of this kind of movie experience?