Halebidu: The old city

Halebidu is a small city located in the Hassan district in the Indian state of Karnataka. Halebidu is a ruined city famous for its Hoysala architecture. The city has a beautiful past combined with gorgeous sculptures, shrines and temples. The best time to visit the city is during the months of October to March.

Halebidu showcases the old architecture, culture and paths of a few noteworthy events that took place in the past. The city has a lot of tourist attractions which have cultural and historical significance attached to them.

If you do plan to visit this beautiful city, then you must visit the Hoysaleswara Temple. This temple is devoted to the Hindu god Shiva. The temple was built during King Vishnuvardhana’s rule, which was somewhere around the 12th century. In the 14th century, Karnataka was looted by Muslims which left the temple in ruins and neglect. The temple was re-constructed and now is popular for its huge collection of sculptures, depicting Hindu mythology, birds, animals and much more. The Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Museum (also called L.D Museum) is a party of the temple complex. The museum showcases Indian Bronzes, Manuscripts, Drawings, Wood works, Paintings, Sculptures, Miniature paintings, coins and Bead works. The temple is well connected to the main city by all means of transportation. The temple is 16kms and 31kms away from Belur and Hassan respectively.

Hoysaleswara Temple

Your next visit should be to the small town called the Belur. Halebidu and Belur together are called the “Jewels in the Indian cultural heritage”. Belur is known for its attractive craftsmanship and old temples. The town is situated close to the banks of the River Yagachi. The most popular tourist attraction here is the Chennakesava Shrine which is devoted to the Chennakesava also called Lord Vishnu. There are 3 more temples sharing the complex with the Chennakesava temple. The best time to visit this town is in between the months of March and April as the weather is perfect at this time.


The most beautiful place in Halebidu is the Yagachi Dam. The Dam is located about half an hour away from Belur. The surrounding around it is just stunning. It is also popular for the water sports that are hosted here. You can enjoy speed boating, cruise boats, banana boating, jet sking, bumper ride and kayaking. It is the perfect blend of history with adventure.

Yagachi Dam

You should also visit the Archaeological Museum in Halebidu. It is an open air museum, which has numerous and beautiful exhibits, sculptures, inscriptions and much more. The exhibits from here have also represented Indian Art in foreign shows and exhibitions. Some of the most significant sculptures here include the dancing Shiva, Veena Saraswati, Nataraja, Ganesha and a bronze statue of Tirthankara.

Archaeological Museum in Halebidu

Well this small city also offers shopping experience to its visitors. While in the city, you can buy religious things, statues, and earth items. There are several souvenir shops here which sell local handicrafts and items.

It is a beautiful city which provides its visitors with knowledge about our background with world class experience as well. So it is a must visit city with friends and family.