Coronavirus: Things to keep in mind while traveling in flight

We know there are travel restrictions all around the world, but people who were already on a vacation needs to go back to their homeland. And some people still need to travel for some emergencies or work. If you are still traveling due to any reason, make sure that you stay safe. Unfortunately, traveling through the outbreak of coronavirus is not completely risk-free. So, here are few things to keep in mind while traveling in flight:

•    Wash your hand frequently

The most important thing that you can do to minimize the risk of getting coronavirus is washing your hands. At least wash them with soap for 20 to 30 seconds. Get up from your seat and wash your hands whenever required.

•    Clean frequently touched objects with wipe

While traveling in a plane, make sure you disinfect areas such as tray table, armrest, and seat belt buckle. Headrest, screen, mobile phone and remote with wipes.

•    Use sanitizer

Keep an alcohol-based hand sanitizer in your bag. Keep sanitizing your hands after touching anything or having food.

•    Grab a window seat

The best seat to grab when you want to avoid germs is a window seat because not many germs circulate toward the windows.

•    Maintain a distance with your co-passenger

If you are traveling alone, then stay away from your co-passenger. In case they are sick, ask them to wear a mask.

•    Do not share food

Avoid sharing your food with fellow passengers.

•    Get your own blankets and neck pillow

Though, airlines are improving their cleaning guidelines, but still for protection take your own blankets and neck pillows in flight.