Beautiful giant swings around the world

Swings are fun and we all love taking them and what’s more exciting than riding one with mesmerizing views. That tingling tummy fun combined with spectacular scenery is an experience worth trying. People have taken swings to another level, you can swing at the edge of the world or at the top of the world. We have collected the list of magnificent swings from all around the world that will for sure give you some extra-ordinary swinging experience. Check out the list below:

•    Swing overlooking Hjørundfjord, Norway

This swing is located in the garden at an inn Known as Christian Guard Bygdetun, in the village of Trandal. It overlooks the majestic Hjørundfjord. Can anything be better than swinging with some enthralling views of mountains?

•    The swing at the end of the world, Baños, Equador

Popularly known as “the swing at the end of the world” this one hangs from a tree 2600m above seas level at Casa del Arbol outside of the town of Banos Equador. There is also a tree house and zip line activity. If offers an incredible view and if the sky is clear you can see the volcano as well.

•    Koh Lanta Swing, Thailand

This swing is situated in Mu Koh Lanta National park on the Thai island of Koh Lanta Yai. With a view of the beach and mountain, you could swing there forever.

•    The Dattu Swing, Indonesia

This swing is the main attraction of the pretty beach belonging to Hotel Ombak Sunset. It is submerged in crystal clear ocean and overlooks the grand Mount Agung. The perfect time for photography is sunset.

•    The Nevis Swing, New Zealand

It is the world’s largest swing and it is not for faint hearted as it will be launched from one end of the canyon to reach another end in few seconds.

•    Kulen waterfall Swing, Cambodia

This exotic swing is located in Phnom Kulen National Park at a resort town in northwestern Cambodia. The swing is surrounded by lush forest and a refreshing waterfall.