Adelaide- One of the Most Liveable Cities of the World

You love hills? Adelaide has something to offer you. Oh! You prefer beaches? Don’t worry! Adelaide has something to offer you too.

With its rich heritage, diverse culture, eco friendly approach, lush greenery, markets that are equipped with things to please every taste, blessed geographical features and breath taking views, Adelaide has something to offer each one of its visitors.  It has consistently saved a placed for itself in the top 10 most liveable cities of the world, according to the surveys of The Economist’s and The Telegraph among many others.

There is an untapped vigor in the atmosphere of this city, such that it instills life in everyone who comes over here in an amazing way. The capital of South Australia, it is the ranks fifth among the various cities in the sub continent in terms of area and population.

The design of the city is known as William Light’s Light vision; Adelaide has been built upon well planned and sorted blueprint and is arranged in grids which make navigation in and around the place easier. If looked upon from a height, it appears like the city centre is enclosed by green rings; the view is an absolute treat to the eyes. The best part about living in Adelaide is that it is well connected which is why it is often fondly called the ’20 minute’ city, with almost everything hardly 20 minutes away.

The Murray River boasts about the rich heritage of the city as it gushes with pride. Adelaide is often called as the city of firsts, since 1836, as Adelaide became Australia’s first free settled colony; the city has witnessed many firsts.  From the long list of firsts, it is particularly proud because its women population was the first to enjoy voting rights and contest in parliamentary elections. It also takes pride in announcing that it was the first city to pass Sex Discrimination legislation.

If you are a party person, Adelaide won’t disappoint you. It is eventful throughout the year, particularly the month of March; the city doesn’t seem to sleep at all.  WOMADelaide, Adelaide festival, Adelaide fringe can be counted as one of the most awaited events of the year. For those obsessed with vintage cars, visiting Bay to Birdwood Classic is a must.

Adelaide is known as the nation’s first wine exporter, to get a taste of some brilliant wine, Barossa is the place to be in and it takes just a two hour journey from the main city. If you’re in the mood to holiday, you’d find Clare valley shouting for you. Go and relax and keep aside everything for a while, while nature offers you some exquisite sceneries and the place has some amazing food and wine for you.  When in Australia, Kangaroo island is a must visit. You can have the best view of nature and wildlife, so close, unhampered and pure such that the memories of this place would stay with you for a lifetime.

Falling in the Mediterranean region, Adelaide has warm summers and it generally rains here during winters, it snows in the outskirts of the city and hail storms are very frequent during those months. Due to the so many churches that can be found here, the city is of called as the ‘city of churches’. However in a consensus in 2011, as many as 23% of its citizens showed no attachment to any religion and since then Adelaide became popular as ‘the least religious city’ of the country.
The city has a steady and far from developing economy, with health care and social assistance being the highest employment providers; the blooming manufacturing sector has never failed to offer work and contributes largely to the nation’s economy. The founder of world’s second largest media conglomerate ‘News corporation’, Rupert Murdoch considers Adelaide the ’spiritual home’ of his company as it was founded here, and functioned in the city until 2004. Enjoying a constant above 95% literacy rate, Adelaide is marketed by the South Australian government as the ‘Learning City’ and welcomes a large number of foreign students to study various courses here every year.

With all that it has to offer its citizens, tourists, visitors and traders Adelaide indeed makes it to one of the 10 most liveable cities of the world.