5 Freakish Travel Destinations in Asia

5 Freakish Travel Destinations in Asia

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With long weekend approaching, it’s time to discover the undiscovered, to hover around the lengths and breadths of historically beautiful Asia and rejuvenate ourselves. Asia is just an amazingly sundry continent, whether a tourist, pilgrim, historian or a pilgrim it has something for everyone. With hills, islands, monuments, desserts, green valleys and snow, Asia has isolation of its beauty which sets it apart from every place in the globe. Asia is land of mystery which has famous sites that we hardly heard about which can out one’s wanderlust at rest. So off tourist stunner, we’ve for you some of the freakiest destinations of Asia which will let you speak out ‘Why I didn’t plan this tour before?

Koh Rang Island, Cambodia

Koh rong island

Cambodia is primarily famous for its ancient civilization of Angkor wat but it is also the habitat to some of best beaches of south Asia. When we say this, Koh Rang Island instantly comes to our mind and it comprises of two islands one is a dive location for boats freaks while other is lost out in the sea. When you see a long boat with white sand underneath you and alluring turquoise crystal clear sea, you can’t help but want to thoroughly enjoy and memorize it via pictures and Selfies.

Must Visit: Angkor wat, Bayon temple, Royal palace (Phnom Pneh)Tonle sap

Best food to eat: Fish amok, Lap Khmer: Lime-marinated Khmer beef salad, Mee Kola, a vegetarian noodle dish

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Ha long bay 

Vietnam is not only known for its yummy food but also for thin country morphs, scenic beauty and diverse culture. It is tailor made for fashion freaks, street food lovers and history buffs. While you visit Vietnam must try fruits from one of the floating markets, marvel at varied wildlife and range of water sports, one must go Halong bay, one of best places to visit in Vietnam. A view from the helicopter, Cruise tour and dining in cave are some of the popular activities. Take in views of the sunrise or sunset at this gorgeous bay; buying handicrafts and decorative can make your bay experience to the fullest. We request you to watch your back for (bag) snatch-thieves.

Must visit: Sleeping On Board, Practice Tai Chi on desk, Ride on Cat Ba Island, Hike on Ban Sen Island

Foods to eat: Sam (Horseshoe crab), Prawn, lobster and oyster, Banh gat gu, Squid ball (cake)

Forbidden City, China


Also known as Palace Museum, it is a must see place tourists visiting China. With a Size of 24 hectares, it used to an imperial palace for 24 emperors and has been the home to 500 years of dynastic rule. Currently, Forbidden City is also the largest palace complex in the world and belongs to UNESCO world heritage. It is home to one of the fantastic curated collections of Chinese art culture in the world and one of the best preserved medieval building complexes. It has 9999 rooms contained within 980 magnificent wooden buildings and took 1 million laborers to complete.

Must visit: Wangfujing Street, Jingshan Park, the hutongs

Best places/food to eat: Peking duck, Fangshan Restaurant, Family Li Imperial Cuisine Restaurant

Bagan, Myanmar


Myanmar, a country which is currently struggling with arrival of tourism (solo tourists) as it has pocket burning room rent. Besides tourists, umbrellas disappear from their time to time. When you arrive there, just ignore the guides and walk out into the surrounding yourself. Reach there and you’ll be welcomed by landscape of nagodas( must see), natural springs, waterfalls and warm hospitality. Rent a bike and witness the beautiful Nagodas.

Must visit: Bagan temples, Bulethi, Salay house

Best places to eat: Spicy salad made with raw veggies and lime juice, Ăthouq

Hagia Sophia, Turkey

Hagia Sophia

This turkey attraction is famous for its splendid distinct beauty and combo of both Byzantine and Ottoman empires. It was primarily used as church which was later on converted into mosque and now a museum. On the inside, you will witness huge collection of Turkish art culture, huge collection of relics which leave in awe.

Places to visit: Aya Sofya,  Topkapı Palace, Blue Mosque, Basilica Cistern


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