5 Best things to do in Chakrata, Uttrakhand

When it comes to hill stations people commonly get thoughts about Manali, Shimla and Mussoorie but have you ever been to Chakrata? This is one of the best offbeat places in Uttrakhand at an elevation of 7000–7250 feet and is a perfect destination for the people who love natural beauty. Check out the best things you can do here:


5 Best things to do in Chakrata
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For a complete adventure, fun and thrill do not forget to go camping around the beautiful mountains. You can choose a good location in the mountains and take along your own tent and other important things that you need for camping.  If you don’t wish to take so much of responsibility then you can just buy a good deal where people also give luxury tents with all the amenities.

Visit the Tiger falls

5 Best things to do in Chakrata
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Most of the tourists visit this popular attraction in Chakrata. It is the best place to go in summers because it’s a nice picnic spot to spend time with your close ones. Along with breathtaking falls, it also serves amazing views and peaceful vibes. For reaching this place you have to trek for 5 Kms but it is really enjoyable.

Bird watching at Deoban

5 Best things to do in Chakrata
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If you plan to visit Chakrata then don’t forget to go 13Kms away to Deoban. It is the best spot to experience the real natural beauty. Deoban offers picturesque views of peaks covered in snow and along with this one of the main reason why people go here is a different kind of birds that are spotted. Yellow-Crowned Woodpecker, Chukar Partridge, Russet Sparrow, Himalayan Woodpecker, Common Hawk Cuckoo and Cinereous Vulture are some of them that you can get a glimpse of.

Engage yourself in adventurous activities

5 Best things to do in Chakrata
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Most of the people travel at hill stations because of getting the lifetime adventurous experience and for such people, there are many things in Chakrata. You can take a horse ride from the main town to the forest, try the waterfall rappelling at tiger falls or rock climbing at Deoban for an ultimate thrill or visit Yamuna Adventure Park to enjoy the activities like swimming, river crossing, and bridge slithering.

Sightseeing at Chilmiri Neck

5 Best things to do in Chakrata
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Chilmiri Neck is considered as the best spot for sightseeing in Chakrata. Standing here feels like you are in heaven, Rohini Peak, Swarga Peak, and the Bandarpunch Massif can also be seen from here. Besides the beautiful birds, forest, mountains, and sights one thing that will create a memory for you is watching the mind-blowing sunset around the high peaks.