Get dirty in Boryeong Mud Festival – South Korea

Get dirty in Boryeong Mud Festival – South Korea

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Boryeong is a small beach located at South Korea. Every summer, i.e, in the month of July, millions of tourists head for this city to get dirty. Yes, this city hosts one of the most unique festivals, the Mud Festival. This mud festival is organized to publicize the benefits of mud. Firstly, it was held on July 1998 for four days in the city of Daecheon with participation of more than 3,00,000 people. It gained support of Ministry of culture and tourism and an additional concept of mud and beauty in its third edition in the year 2000. The 8th Mud Festival was attended by 2004 Miss Universe Jennifer Hawins as a goodwill ambassador.

There are various fun filled events viewed every year in Mud Festival. A brief overview of them is listed below:

  • Experience Event – This is inclusive of mud massage, large mud bath, mud mob scene, color mud, mud air-bounce experience and so on.
  • Special Exhibition Events – This consists of mud festival photo exhibition, mud cosmetics, festival character goods and many more.
  • Related Events – You can find a mix of fun and knowledge here such as global festival forum, world mud skin care contest, mud cosmetic academic seminar, etc.
  • Night Time Events – Now this is one of the most happening time of Mud festival which everyone waits for, you can find mud festival opening ceremony performances, mud rock festival, hip hop-rave party, etc. here.

It is one of the most outstanding and unforgettable festivals in Korea which takes the form of a theme based festival where people apply mud on their and others’ body and throw themselves on the mud. Located on the mud flats of Daecheon Beach, the festival put forward programs such as mud flat overcoming event, mud flat experience, marathon and other unique events. Various linked events together with city tour programs for main sightseeing spots of Boryeong and night events take place during the mud festival period. The shell-shaped white sands of Daechon Beach allow visitors to enjoy both the water and the mud. Just two hour long drive from the urban areas and convenient transportation from countrywide allows easy-access to the location. It is the largest festival that acquires the largest foreigner participation in South Korea.

The beach itself is incredibly stunning and an awesome place to go swimming. In addition, there are 78 big and small islands plus an extraordinary one like God kneaded and 36 precious cultural inheritances like Woiyeon-do, Cold pool even you feel chilly in summer, coal Museum, national Treasure, Namhyehwasang Baekwol Bogwang Monument and etc.

How to reach?

Boryeong City is located in the Chungcheongnam-do province. It is more or less a two hour drive from all the key cities of South Korea. There are a variety of transportation methods you can use to reach Boryeong City.

Where to accommodate?

There are basically three types of accommodation available near Daecheon beach, the most trendy ones are motels. They are painless to locate because they are all over the place close to the seashore. There are also many hotels. You can easily differentiate between a motel and a hotel by the size of the building. The buildings that are more than 5 stories and are larger in size are hotels. However, the superiority of the room is not much different.

Other Informations

  • During the festival phase, translation services are accessible for international visitors. Local officials are positioned to provide information about clean and affordable lodging facilities and helps in making reservations. For further help, please call 011-438-4865 (English). If you are searching in English it is very hard to reserve accommodations online.
  • Many companies arrange lodging with transportation. Nonetheless, the mass of these companies are expensive. If you prefer to go with a company, make sure to confirm what all services they offer. Some do not include tickets to the festival within their packages which may lead to problem when you arrive to the festival.
  • The most familiar type of accommodation is called a “Pension”. They offer large rooms but usually do not have beds. Pensioners use a thin mat and sleep on the floor.
  • There is a lot of activity nearby this event. People who are not mud-covered get rounded up and put into the mud jail. It is sure that if you are there you will get muddy. Make certain to protect your eyes, ears, mouth and hair or be very careful during the festival.
  • Regardless of rolling around in mud all day the climate can be quite unreliable. It is simple to turn out to be tanned. Make sure to apply a sufficient quantity of sunscreen ahead of the day. It is highly recommended.
  • In the case you need medical remedy there is on spot medical assistance available. If you cannot find the area quickly you can look for one of the festival representatives. They are all wearing orange t-shirts with the Boryeong logo. They are available at every nook and corner of the festival to provide assistance.

Participating in this festival is one of those lifetime remembrances which one shall cherish till the last breath. Go muddy, go dirty! Because life has no full stops.


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